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ReDraw : The Temptation of Christ, Ary Scheffer, 1854

Painting : The Temptation of Christ, Ary Scheffer, 1854 • Location : NGV, Melbourne • Time : 10 minutes • Medium : colour pencil on sketch book

The forty days of Lent is the annual retreat of the people of God in imitation of Jesus' forty days in the wilderness. Towards the end of his career, Ary Scheffer achieved great success with paintings based on Christian themes. While many of there works were life-size, Scheffer also made a number of smaller copies of his compositions. (Text by NGV)

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Japan : Storefront
Nani Puspasari_japan5.jpg

This place never failed to impress me since my first visit in 2011. [1] Marugo, a nice wine bar in the heart of Shinjuku [2] Dreamy house around Shimokitazawa [3] Beautiful building in Harajuku [4] Italian-inspired cafe, Luigi - Harajuku [5] Japanese sign painting, Shinjuku. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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Studio : Goodtimestudios
Nani Puspasari_studio1.jpg

Goodtimestudios : I'm still on the road, try to find new inspiration through this holiday. Internet not too easy to get, lost almost all those online connection. But yea, I have more time to do more stuff in this sabbatical plan.

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Indonesia : Kotabaru
Nani Puspasari_kotabaru1.JPG

Postcard from my hometown: A voice in the wildness. I was living here for 13 years. Still tiger! Hometown - Kotabaru, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia. This district has an area of 9442.46 km ² and has a population of as many as 290 142 people (the result of Indonesian Population Census 2010 ) with sea fishers as much as 15,961 inhabitants. This area is a motto "Sa-ijaan" (Banjar language) which means: Semufakat, a heart and a one word yes. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Melbourne : Albert Park

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. I have a relationship with this space, Albert Park Lake, Melbourne. Here's a place where I spent my morning for jogging. It is difficult to resist not stopping my step to take some pictures. Those beauties bring me happiness, relaxing my eyes from busy metropolitan views. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Studio : RMIT Fine Art

I miss blogging. My freakin MacBookPro still on the repair centre. I have been waiting for three weeks until ‘maybe’ forever if they can’t get a tiny small piece from MacSingapore. Mr.Steve Job, could you send it immediately, please? I am desperate without my laptop. Sneak peek of my new artworks, progress and my new art studio in RMIT.

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Inspiration : Skull

This has nothing to do with Halloween. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with skulls and skeletons since I was 15. Those objects are beautiful form of arts, fragile and the state of death and life. Could you imagine humans and animals without their skeletons? They're weak and lost, and hey, you won't able to do anything. Hmm, just a piece of meat with a face. I would love to be an anthropologist someday, traveling to Egypt and found new mummies. Who cares about the curses. I want to be able to touch the human bones from the past, learning about variety species of human (and animal) that lived million and million years ago. Let's see if I can predict my future. From artist to be an anthropologist? Why not :D High-five to the guy who created pinterest, I can spend million hours staring and pinning all this image collection. Resources Links here | Follow my pinterest 

Screen Print

I've been busy lately; working seven days a week (5 days as a graphic designer, 2 days as cafe staff and midnight freelancer). I'm preparing to start my own small business. I joined this excellent screen printing workshop, run by Harvest Textiles, a Melbourne based textile design trio. Fun experience, lovely people and enjoyable atmosphere. Check their programs here.

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Japan : Midori
nani puspasari_japan1.jpg

Midori (みどり, ミドリ, 緑, 翠) is the Japanese word for 'Green.' [1] Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan [2] Ueno Park, Tokyo [3] Sika = Deers, Nara Koen - Nara Park. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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Studio : Kent St

My temporary art studio. 24hours/ Art Insanity. Upcoming shows

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Photoshop Project Magazine
Nani Puspasari_pp10_0-1.jpg
Nani Puspasari_pp10_0-1.jpg

I got interviewed by Australia Photoshop Projects Magazine 18 ed. December 2012 and Photoshop Projects 22 August 2012 on SALE now. You can find my tutorial on how to create those Australian Icon vintage collages.

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How's your weekend

How's your weekend?
The weekend I spent all day in my art studio. My messy space, little animal toys, vintage frames, dirty brushes, sketches everywhere, empty ginger beer bottles and a blueberry muffin. I prepared a new painting for my next group exhibition.

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Australia : Cape Schanck, VIC
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Cape Schanck is a locality in Victoria, Australia. It is the southernmost tip of the Mornington Peninsula and separates the wild ocean waters of Bass Strait from the slightly calmer waters of Western Port. The most recognisable symbol of Cape Schanck is the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1859 and was the second lighthouse built in Victoria.[2] A prominent rock outcrop is Pulpit Rock and stands out at the very tip of the cape. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani


Illustration for Six Years Later 003 magazine. Theme - Instinct. Title - NO HARM. Trust your instinct; it means you no harm. This artwork captures my human behaviour that is mediated by unconscious reactions. Inspired by the animal who born with specific abilities to protect themselves. Six Years Later is an art-work only magazine. No articles, no interviews, no top 100 tips that will make you the next big thing. They wholly believe that pictures are worth a thousand words... maybe even a thousand and one.

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Studio Talk from Japan
Nani Puspasari-05 copy.jpg
Nani Puspasari-05.jpg

I’m working on my new personal series - The Happy Mouth Experience, a series of drawings investigating the joyful experience of Japanese food and snacks into a more expository series that examines their pop culture. I explore ideas of identity and memory by re-represent objects. My first solo travel to Japan for a month from 25 May 2012 - 21 June 2012.