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South Korea : Seoul NYE

Place: Seoul, South Korea. 2015. New Year's Eve always signifies new hope and new beginnings. 2015 NYE was one of my memorable moment, spent the night at Seoul, South Korea with 50 strangers (travellers and local) who I just met at the party. In Korea, the tradition of ringing the landmark bell marks the end of a year and simultaneously the beginning of a new one. The Bosingak Bell, located near Jonggak Station (Line 1), is the landmark bell of Seoul. Young polices on yellow vest lined up in circles for security reason. So cold, winter and minus degrees. I was tipsy when I asked my new friend to take this photo. We (foreign travellers) requested our new local friends to show us how to celebrate New Year like Korean. We went to Jjimjilbang (Korean public bathhouse) and walked to Seoul Tower to watch first sunrise of 2015. I wish I can celebrate New Year in different way every year. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Tokyo : Oi Racecourse Flea Market
Designani_Oi Flea Market LQ.jpg

Place: Oi Racecourse Flea Market also known as the Tokyo City Flea Market, Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 - I've been to Japan three times and never missed visiting this one Tokyo’s biggest flea market. It has a regular schedule every weekend in the parking lot of Oi Racecourse, with 300-400 vendors. I almost bought a vintage catalogue with 900 pages, probably around 10kg on my last visit in 2017. I ended up finding better small old gems like collectable stamps and Japanese money, old family portraits and vintage ladies magazine. Reminder: This is flea market, not antique market so usually people selling their old stuff or junk. Tip: There's a lot of local elderly sellers over there. Learn this Japanese sentence “Ikura desu ka?” to ask for the price (meaning 'How much is this?') Reasonable bargaining was fine, include big smile and a bit of Japanese goes a long way. Happy Shopping! Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Seoul : Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea, 2015 - Drawing and Photography by    Nani P

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea, 2015 - Drawing and Photography by Nani P

I had a New Year celebration in Seoul, South Korea. I visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the largest palaces at the heart of the Korean capital city with Mount Bugaksan as a backdrop. It said that in the ancient times, the royal guards of the Joseon Dynasty performed the given task by guarding the Gwanghwamun Gate, the entrance of Gyeongbokgung Palace where the king ruled the country. They have the performance of ‘Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony’ almost every day with specific scheduled time. Garbed in traditional costumes of primary colours, the guards have caught the interest of the tourists, complemented by the weapons, accessories and strict ceremonial procedure providing a great opportunity of a rare traditional Korean scene in downtown Seoul. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Myanmar : The Kayans
Inle Lake, Myanmar 2016. Drawing and Photography  Nani P

Inle Lake, Myanmar 2016. Drawing and Photography Nani P

Travel drawing series - I’m not sure how I feel about this one, this drawing referee to my Myanmar travel photo in 2016 @travelnani. I’ve been wanting to see these Kayan long neck women since I was a teenager after reading an article about them in a magazine. The Kayan tribe are Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Myanmar, a lot of them fled to the Thai border area due to conflict with the military regime in the 1980s. The women wear the rings from childhood and adding more annually as they are getting older. Kayan long neck women wear the rings from childhood, starting with four or five, and adding more annually as they acclimate to the increased weight. Coils weighing up to 25 pounds depress the chest and shoulders. It creates the illusion of disembodied head hovering over a shimmering pedestal of gold rings.  Contrary to popular belief, the coils don’t lengthen the neck itself and thus can be removed without the neck snapping. Yet, women still wear these coils year round with few exceptions, even while sleeping. In Thailand, they were exposed to tourist attraction, similar feeling I got when our tour guide showed us these ladies. He told us that we could take photos with them and leave some donation money in the box around the corner. Two of them still teenagers, they look uncomfortable and hardly smiles. I had a mixed feeling about this, similar when I saw tourists taking smiley photo/ selfies in front of The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the place for honouring the dead - “The goal of travel shouldn’t be taking pictures of exotic things to brag about back home. Travel is about forging relationships and making connections with people from different cultures. Create a symbiotic relationship with locals by reaching out to find common ground with the people you met, instead of treating them as spectacles to exploit.” (via epicureandculture) - I’m not judging; everyone has the right to do what they want. But as the human being, we might want to reflect ourselves to be a better person day by day, lemme know how you feel seeing these kinds of tourist selfie photos #longneckwomen. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Australia : Perth
Nani Puspasari erth 5.jpg

I visited my good friend in Perth, Western Australia for this long weekend Queen Birthday Victoria holiday. Follow my other Instagram @travelnani for more travel photos [1] Perth city view from Kings Park [2] Mural around Northbridge, Perth [3] Blue House Swan River [4] The Secret Garden, Careninup Lake in Gwelup, Perth [5] The Pinnacles National Park, Western Australia. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Tokyo : Ginza

I had shot over thousand of photos on my recent travel to Japan. I need to spend some time sorting through and editing those bunch of pictures, but I'll be sure to post them here for everyone to see. I snapped these photos with my Sony Alpha 300a in Ginza. The Ginza (銀座) is Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. This place does not suit my lifestyle, but there are lots of art galleries here. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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Japan : Storefront
Nani Puspasari_japan5.jpg

This place never failed to impress me since my first visit in 2011. [1] Marugo, a nice wine bar in the heart of Shinjuku [2] Dreamy house around Shimokitazawa [3] Beautiful building in Harajuku [4] Italian-inspired cafe, Luigi - Harajuku [5] Japanese sign painting, Shinjuku. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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Indonesia : Kotabaru
Nani Puspasari_kotabaru1.JPG

Postcard from my hometown: A voice in the wildness. I was living here for 13 years. Still tiger! Hometown - Kotabaru, Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia. This district has an area of 9442.46 km ² and has a population of as many as 290 142 people (the result of Indonesian Population Census 2010 ) with sea fishers as much as 15,961 inhabitants. This area is a motto "Sa-ijaan" (Banjar language) which means: Semufakat, a heart and a one word yes. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Melbourne : Albert Park

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. I have a relationship with this space, Albert Park Lake, Melbourne. Here's a place where I spent my morning for jogging. It is difficult to resist not stopping my step to take some pictures. Those beauties bring me happiness, relaxing my eyes from busy metropolitan views. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Japan : Midori
nani puspasari_japan1.jpg

Midori (みどり, ミドリ, 緑, 翠) is the Japanese word for 'Green.' [1] Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan [2] Ueno Park, Tokyo [3] Sika = Deers, Nara Koen - Nara Park. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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Australia : Cape Schanck, VIC
Nani Puspasari4.JPG
Nani Puspasari3.JPG
Nani Puspasari1.jpg
Nani Puspasari6.JPG
Nani Puspasari5.JPG

Cape Schanck is a locality in Victoria, Australia. It is the southernmost tip of the Mornington Peninsula and separates the wild ocean waters of Bass Strait from the slightly calmer waters of Western Port. The most recognisable symbol of Cape Schanck is the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1859 and was the second lighthouse built in Victoria.[2] A prominent rock outcrop is Pulpit Rock and stands out at the very tip of the cape. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

Studio Talk from Japan
Nani Puspasari-05 copy.jpg
Nani Puspasari-05.jpg

I’m working on my new personal series - The Happy Mouth Experience, a series of drawings investigating the joyful experience of Japanese food and snacks into a more expository series that examines their pop culture. I explore ideas of identity and memory by re-represent objects. My first solo travel to Japan for a month from 25 May 2012 - 21 June 2012.


"We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness" [1] Sarangan, Indonesia [2] Taman Safari, Indonesia [3] Fish Farm, Malang [4] On the way to Great Ocean Road, Vic [5] Melbourne city. Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani

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