Nani Puspasari


Big Individual Sticker

Big Individual Sticker


Individual big sticker is all hand drawn, hand-cutting, printed on vinyl sticker paper, coated with a UV laminate to protect it from scratches and easy to remove. Original illustration by Nani Puspasari.

Slap & stick these stickers anywhere. Laptop, phone, car, notebooks or your friend's face. Have fun! Ready for the party!

Styles :
01. Kangaroo (18 x 15 cm)
02. Holiday Dog  (18 x 10 cm)
03. Seinfeld (18 x 11 cm)
04. George Seinfeld (20 x 12 cm)
05. Bra (15 x 10 cm)
06. Bike (15 x 11 cm)
07. Joey Friends How You Doin 
08. Plant (15 x 11 cm)

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