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Gaja by Sashi

Gaja by Sashi –

Gaja by Sashi is the first food adventure of Sashi Chelia after winning MasterChef Australia 2018. GAJA in sanskrit गज- means ‘elephant’, which symbolises strength, wisdom, royalty and solidarity in Hindu culture. Befitting, given that Sashi’s food will be authentically true to taste, bold, robust and full-to-the-brim with flavour. Spanning Indian, Singaporean and Malaysian classics, Sashi’s menu will explore the road less travelled, with dishes that appeal to the curious foodie in us all. This branding completed for BrandWorks Studio, created a fun and vibrant identity, using pattern and icon Ganesh, inspired by personal story of Sashi's South Indian upbringing and its influence on his food and philosophy.

brand identity, illustration, menu design, packaging, poster, signage, promotional media
Completed for BrandWorks / Client: Gaja by Sashi 

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