Nani Puspasari


Chapayom is a Thai tea franchise originating in Thailand and with stores throughout South East Asia. Now, for the first time, the brand graces Australian shores, starting in the Sydney CBD (add detail) and with the intention of expanding into other Australian cities. Chapayom’s Australian owners/franchisee’s came to BrandWorks to ensure they hit the ground running with an adaptation of the existing branding, tailored specifically to the Australian market. Through design studio Brandworks, they commissioned me to develop a series of paper cut style illustrations of all the delicious tropical ingredients that go into Chapayom’s tea’s. With a brief of happy and humble, carefree and fun, the illustrations layer to create “still life’s” buzzing with movement. They were also developed as stand alone elements; a lime here, a logan berry there…always a riot of colour and flavour.

Fuck Series —

Not spreading the hate, only being sarcastic about adulthood.

editorial illustration / digital
Award & Recognitions: 2018 Creative Quarterly 51 – Runners-up (Illustration Professional)