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Review 2012

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I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your kind support this year! Your likes, tweets, reblog, blog posts, emails and any kind words have made my art feel more loved. 2012 was indeed another good year for me; I had the opportunity to do crazy shit that I want to do before I die, I also got involved in lots of inspiring projects and travel abroad to few countries. I'm looking forward to achieving more good things in 2013. My new years' resolution is to stay longer in this country, get a full-time job, involved in more crazy art projects and chase more dreams. I hope everyone has a beautiful New Years Eve and safe holiday season!!! AYEE!!

2012 Social Media Review
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January 2012. I did my first tandem parachute jump - 10,000 feet. February 2012. I've travelled back home to Indonesia to attend my sister's wedding and went to Malaysia to visit my talented friend, Yee Von

March 2012. Self portrait for Nylon Magazine. April 2012. I joined the Screen printing workshop at Harvest Workshop.

May 2012. A Dream come true! I travelled to Japan for a month. Best month of this year! Finally had the chance to visit Ghibli Museum at Mitaka, Tokyo Prefecture. I went to Kyoto, did my second & third tattoo at Van-Tattoo.

June 2012. I got my hair cut quite short for the first time in nearly one decade in Tokyo and bought a domain - my photography project.

August 2012. I decided to stop looking for a full-time job as a graphic designer and rented my first art studio. September 2012. Talented Indonesian journalist, Lily Yulianti Farid launched her newest novel, Ayahmu Bulan, Engkau Matahari with my drawing as cover art and other 17 artworks inside the book.

October 2012. I had an opportunity to met up my favourite Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho in Melbourne. He has duo solo show at National Gallery Victoria until April next year. November 2012. I flew to Sydney to do some illegal stuff.

November 2012. I got volunteered to throw Blue powder to 12,000 TheColorRunProject participants. December 2012. Involved in a fun job, I did a huge painting for Roll'D Restaurant.

December 2012. I had the best Christmas celebration this year and Two Door Cinema Club's concert was amazing!

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