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ReDraw : First meeting between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, 1879


Painting : First meeting between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (1879) by G.F.Folingsby (Irish/Australian), oil on canvas 156.1 × 120.9 cm • Location : NGV, Melbourne • Time : 10 minutes • Medium : colour pencil on sketch book

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Elizabeth I. Henry's desire to divorce his first wife and marry Anne helped bring about the English Reformation. She was the first English queen to be publicly executed. The painting is one of the earliest paintings purchased as a commission by the Gallery. Folingsby was appointed head of the National Gallery School of Art and eventually became Director of the NGV, from 1882 to 1891. The frame came to the collection with the painting and is comparable in quality to the frame on Hermann Baisch‘s Dutch pastures, morning (p.313.5-1), made by Konrad Barth, another Munich framer. It is exceptional in the extensive use of large, complex cast-plaster ornamental lengths. The quality of gilding is enhanced by the fine surface of the plaster castings, which in turn are brittle and prone to damage. (text by NGV)

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