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Tokyo : Oi Racecourse Flea Market

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Place: Oi Racecourse Flea Market also known as the Tokyo City Flea Market, Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 - I've been to Japan three times and never missed visiting this one Tokyo’s biggest flea market. It has a regular schedule every weekend in the parking lot of Oi Racecourse, with 300-400 vendors. I almost bought a vintage catalogue with 900 pages, probably around 10kg on my last visit in 2017. I ended up finding better small old gems like collectable stamps and Japanese money, old family portraits and vintage ladies magazine. Reminder: This is flea market, not antique market so usually people selling their old stuff or junk. Tip: There's a lot of local elderly sellers over there. Learn this Japanese sentence “Ikura desu ka?” to ask for the price (meaning 'How much is this?') Reasonable bargaining was fine, include big smile and a bit of Japanese goes a long way. Happy Shopping! Photographed by Nani P - instagram @travelnani