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Studio Talk : Ceramic

I'm so involved in the process that sometimes at the end of a day, I can look at the piece on my desk and really wonder how it got there. At other times, I really have to struggle with a piece to turn it into what I had in mind. Sometimes, I give up and leave it half finished to work on something else. Then in a few days, when I come back to it, I can see what it wants to be... which sometimes is not at all what I had in mind. When I just let that happen, things seem to go more smoothly. ― Wendy Froud

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Studio : Kent st
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Around home studio... Deadlines are starting to pile up, and the studio has been busier and messier than usual.

Goodbye Goodtimestudios
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You will find that it is necessary to let things go; only for the reason that they are heavy. My art studio, I've decided to give it go and back to the home studio again. I'm saving money to fund my art project and embarking on new adventures. Goodtimestudios is all having a good time! Nice creative people, exciting parties and colourful art exhibitions. I used to count the days, created new art. Countless beers and tea for strangers/ friends who visit this studio. I had a fantastic closing party. Without my friends' crazy presence, my last day in there would have been just another day on the calendar. It's time to move on. I'll be travelling overseas for two months, shut down my brain, forget about work and create more personal art. I'm counting down the days...

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Studio Talk
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I've been a busy bee. I had quite a bit of new painting both finished and in progress, a few commission portrait and a couple of design jobs. I'm going to start making new stuff to sell on Etsy shop. Last week, I decided to stick up some old sketches and drawings in the wall in my studio after reading this article"If you keep setting yourself new challenges, then that will force you to build on your old knowledge by adding something new to the mix." Yes, I'm excited to do an experiment from unfinished artworks. 

Studio : Goodtimestudios
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Goodtimestudios : I'm still on the road, try to find new inspiration through this holiday. Internet not too easy to get, lost almost all those online connection. But yea, I have more time to do more stuff in this sabbatical plan.

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Studio : RMIT Fine Art

I miss blogging. My freakin MacBookPro still on the repair centre. I have been waiting for three weeks until ‘maybe’ forever if they can’t get a tiny small piece from MacSingapore. Mr.Steve Job, could you send it immediately, please? I am desperate without my laptop. Sneak peek of my new artworks, progress and my new art studio in RMIT.

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Studio : Kent St

My temporary art studio. 24hours/ Art Insanity. Upcoming shows

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How's your weekend

How's your weekend?
The weekend I spent all day in my art studio. My messy space, little animal toys, vintage frames, dirty brushes, sketches everywhere, empty ginger beer bottles and a blueberry muffin. I prepared a new painting for my next group exhibition.

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Studio Talk from Japan
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I’m working on my new personal series - The Happy Mouth Experience, a series of drawings investigating the joyful experience of Japanese food and snacks into a more expository series that examines their pop culture. I explore ideas of identity and memory by re-represent objects. My first solo travel to Japan for a month from 25 May 2012 - 21 June 2012.

Kent St

It's about making ideas happen: 5 paintings. 15 drawings. Three sculptures. 1mural. One month. I got the FB event page up! Feel free to invite your friends and to spread the word about the shows! I'll be there on both the opening night. E.X.C.I.T.E.D.
• Solo exhibition 'Girl and Animal' facebook-event
• Group exhibition 'Asian Folk, Fine Art' facebook-event