Nani Puspasari
01/ The Separation

World Children's Day —

World Children's Day : Hayat's Story —

November 20th is the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. End Child Detention commissioned me to do 5 editorial illustrations to depict the story of one of their youth leaders, Hayat. Hayat was detained as a child as he migrated to Australia from Afghanistan. He has authored his own story describing his experience. The Global Campaign to End Child Detention draws attention to the many detrimental effects that immigration detention has on children and encourages states to adopt alternatives to detention that fulfil the best interests of the child while their immigration status is being resolved. Read his full story via - Artwork . 01/ The Separation - 02/ The Journey - 03/ The Challenge - 04/ The Teacher - 05/ The New Life

Medium : Mixed Media (digital, pen ) / Editorial Illustration / Client : End Child Detention